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How To Tell Whether A Pair Of Shoes Is Safety Shoes

August 1st, 2023

In this blog post, we will discuss what safety shoes are, the different types of safety shoes, their key features, and most importantly – how to identify whether a pair of shoes is safety-rated.

What are Safety Shoes?

Safety shoes, as the name suggests, are durable shoes designed to protect the feet from workplace hazards. Unlike regular shoes, safety shoes have protective features like steel toe caps, slip-resistant soles, and puncture-proof layers.

The key purpose of safety shoes is to safeguard the feet against common risks like:

– Falling objects: Tools, equipment or materials falling on the feet are a common cause of foot injuries. Safety shoes have steel toe caps to prevent impact injuries.

– Slippery surfaces: Greasy floors, wet surfaces or uneven terrain can result in slips and falls. Safety shoes have specialized slip-resistant soles with good traction to prevent this.

– Electric hazards: Live wires or open circuits can cause electric shocks. Safety shoes have insulation against electrical hazards.

– Sharp objects: Nails, scrap metal or other sharps can puncture the feet. Safety shoes have puncture-resistant plates for protection.

Types of Safety Shoes

There are different types of safety shoes designed for specific work environments:

– Basic safety shoes: These are general-purpose safety shoes with a steel toe cap, slip-resistant sole and basic puncture protection. They are suitable for basic industrial use.

– Electrical hazard safety shoes: Designed for electricians, utility workers and others exposed to live electrical circuits. They have full insulation against accidental electric shocks.

– Chemical safety shoes: Used by workers handling corrosive chemicals. They are made from chemically resistant materials.

– Heat resistant safety shoes: For foundry workers, firefighters and other professions dealing with high temperatures. Made from heat-proof materials.

– Metatarsal safety shoes: Have an extended metatarsal guard for protecting the metatarsal bones and top of the feet.

– Static dissipating safety shoes: Prevent static charge build-up when working with explosives or flammable materials.

– Food processing safety shoes: Designed for use in food processing units. Have oil and slip resistant soles. Easy to clean.

– Winter safety shoes: Insulated for wearing in extremely cold conditions. Waterproof with good traction for snow.

Identify Safety Shoes

– Key features like steel toes, slip-resistant soles, EH rating and metatarsal guards differentiate safety shoes from regular footwear.

– There are rigorous standards and certifications like ASTM that safety shoes must comply with.

– Take a hands-on approach by examining the shoes thoroughly for protective features. Also ask manufacturers for certifications to verify the safety rating.


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