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Do we know enough about safety shoes?

April 16th, 2024

When it comes to labor protection products, the first thing we think of may be safety helmets and safety belts, but safety shoes, the products used to protect workers’ feet, are often ignored.

In fact, when workers operate machines, carry materials, etc., their feet are usually at the lowest part of the working posture, and they may come into contact with heavy and hard objects at any time, causing them to be poked or smashed. Therefore, safety equipment to protect your feet is particularly important.


Today, the editor also leads everyone to learn and understand safety shoes in an all-round way:

1. What type of footwear do safety shoes belong to?
Safety shoes are a general term for safety shoes and protective shoes, also known as labor protection shoes. They refer to footwear worn in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries.

Different from the shoes we usually wear, safety shoes are footwear products with high technical content and high added value. They have high requirements for raw materials and accessories in the production process, and all functions must comply with national standards.


2. Why should we wear safety shoes?
Before answering this question, we might as well go back to the actual working environment and think about a question – what injuries may workers’ feet suffer?
Injuries from falling heavy objects at construction sites and mines, burns from solutions in laboratories, and electric shocks in workshops may all occur.

According to statistics, 7% of workplace accident injuries are foot injuries. Therefore, workers must wear safety shoes and protect their feet when working in high-risk places.


3. What are the functional combinations of safety shoes?
Different safety shoes have different application ranges and different functional requirements. As the working environment gradually becomes more complex, single-function safety shoes can no longer meet the needs of workers. More and more brand manufacturers have begun to provide multi-functional safety shoe customization services.


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