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What are the functions of work safety shoes?

April 29th, 2024

work safety shoes

Work safety shoes are a type of footwear specially designed for use in the work environment. Their main function is to protect the safety and health of workers’ feet. Because there are various foot safety hazards in the working environment, special attention must be paid to the materials and functional design of uppers, uppers, toes, soles, etc. during the production process of safety shoes.

With the continuous advancement of my country’s shoe making technology and the increasing updating of global shoe materials, safety shoes with a combination of functions such as toe protection, anti-smashing, anti-puncture, anti-static, electrical insulation, acid and alkali resistance, etc. have begun to be widely used in various industries.


1. Anti-smash function
The toe cap of the shoe is made of metal or composite materials with good impact resistance, high strength and light weight, which can protect the toes of the feet. Mainly suitable for heavy industrial industries such as mining, machinery, construction, and metallurgy. When choosing, pay attention to choosing safety shoes of different strengths according to the severity of the work.


2. Anti-puncture function
It mainly provides puncture resistance through steel mid sole and kevlar mid sole, and is suitable for machining, maintenance, construction and other industries.


3. Anti-static function
Anti-static agent is added to the soles of the shoes. A resistance test must be done from the beginning of use and checked regularly to ensure that the maximum resistance value of the shoes does not exceed the allowable value. Suitable for heavy dust environments such as petrochemical industry, coal mines, printing, and construction.


4. Electrical insulation function
The soles of the shoes use insulating agents to insulate the human body from the ground and prevent electric current from causing electric shock damage to the human body. Regular inspection and maintenance are required. Once the function fails, use must be stopped immediately. It is mainly suitable for power plants, power stations, coal mines and other industries, and should be selected according to the voltage range of the workplace.


5. Anti-chemical function
In some workplaces that require the handling of chemicals, work safety shoes are usually made of special materials that can resist corrosion by chemicals and protect feet from chemicals.


The function of protective work safety shoes is obvious. They provide reliable protection and comfortable wearing experience in various complex working environments. Their role in safe production cannot be ignored. Welcome to join us and work together for the bright future cooperation!

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